Figures and Facts

By means of a computer program, all possible search courses have been simulated based on an example of a recording of four hours duration. Following conditions have been predetermined:

The Simulation Program brought following Result:

14.54 jumps (that means keystrokes) on average are necessary to reach the destination position exactly to the second. In the possibly most unfavorable case 26 jumps are necessary.

Without error correction only 12.98 jumps on average would be necessary, in the most unfavorable case 20.

With errors worked in, supposed that the user selects an incidental jumping direction together with every fifth keystroke (simulated by random generator) on average, so that a jump into the wrong direction is done from time to time, 31.5 jumps on average are necessary in order to reach the destination position exactly on time. (Of course, this works only with error correction. Without error correction the number of jumps would be never-ending after the first wrong keystroke, because the searched position then would not be achievable any more.)

With reduced search accuracy (< +/- ten seconds) only 10.44 jumps on average are necessary, in the most unfavorable case 21 jumps.

Again with high search accuracy but with the restriction that start and destination positions are not farer away from each other than +/- 30 minutes, 10.96 jumps on average are necessary and maximal 19.

Due to the possibility to start the search with a maximum jumping distance from the beginning or end of recording (as described under "further possibilities"), only 12.16 jumps on average and maximal 21 jumps are necessary to head for any position exactly to the second.


If it is supposed that the experienced user presses the search buttons a little bit faster than every second in order to search the beginning of a film, he requires only ten seconds on average to find the searched position within a recording of four hours duration exactly to the second. This is much better than all other operation possibilities so far. Moreover, the user does not need to think because thinking is done by the seek logic of the video recorder. Even if he makes an error for several times or if he instinctively types simply straight on with these two keys, it is likely he will find the searched position within 20 to 30 seconds at all.