Simulation of Searchsystem

On this page using Java Script based on a recording of four hours duration can simulate the search of the beginning of a film. As this page certainly cannot replay a four-hours lasting video, replay of the current position is symbolized by respectively one picture, which contains a short text with the information which film is replayed in that moment. There are always three films contained in the overall recording (the previous film, the searched one and the following one), with the start times being incidentally selected with each call of this simulation. It is the aim to find the beginning of the searched film by clicking on both arrow keys. The exact functionality of the simulation is described here. In order to get the simulation working, Java Script must be activated in the browser. (A corresponding message appears if the beginning of the film is reached exactly to the second.)

 Time: --:--:--

Remark: If the previous film is on, you must jump forward. If the searched film is on, you have to jump reverse (because you are looking for the beginning of the film). So, you are in need of only 14 jumps on average to find the exact beginning. Alternatively, you can simply come up with any time (e.g. time: 1:49:18), and try to head for this exactly to the second. It is really possible to reach any position within a few seconds. In order to start again you must press "reload". (This is to reset the search settings and another video with other start times is simulated.)