Intelligent Two-key Searchsystem

for Video Recordings

Modern hard-disk video recorders and DVD players offer the advantage of enabling lightning access to any position within a recording without having to wind.

Practically, however, this advantage can still not be used by means of currently available devices, because the operation is much too complicated. Finding a certain position exactly to the second (e.g. the beginning of a film) during a recording of several hours usually requires some minutes.

Unlike the searchsystem presented in the following, by which it is possible within only ten seconds (!) to find a certain position in a recording lasting several hours.

The system requires only two keys, one to move forward and one to move reverse, with the jumping distance varying each time. Intelligent search logic decides if the jump is to reach only one second, or if up to 25 minutes are to be skipped.

Strongly simplified it can be said: if the same key (same jumping direction) is pressed for several times, the jumping distance increases. If, however, the searched destination is approached, the jumping distance is divided in half with each keystroke.

Different example calculations have shown that by using this system it takes ten seconds on average to find any position within a recording of four hours. Even if the wrong key is hit or the wrong direction key is pressed from time to time, it does not take much longer. This is far better than all other operation possibilities available so far!